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The Portfolio of David Bengtsson

Here you’ll find my 3D portfolio containing finished, rendered pieces of my CG characters, creatures and other projects. The showreel contains breakdowns of a few of my projects and there is a section focusing on my movie productions. Star Trek Online Starships by Thomas Marrone. Class III Neutronic Fuel Carrier (The Kobayashi Maru) The portfolio of Michel Kooper - 3D/Environment Artist. Crysis 3 I worked on Crysis 3 as part of the Frankfurt art team, responsible for the singleplayer part of the game. Easy Render - 3D Rendering Platform.

3d artist portfolio

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“I loved … Jani Ylinen. from Helsinki 3D modeler / Photographer Available for work. Christine Salaga. from Hawaiʻi 3D Modeler and Animator Available for work. Margo Jordan.

+46(0)702638625 Sleipnersvägen 4, 191 43 Sollentuna, Sweden  Your Artportable portfolio is a tool that helps you present your artistry in a professional way.

Lediga jobb för 3d Artist - april 2021 Sverige

While other platforms focus on a single image to show at a time, ArtStation enables you to showcase ALL asset types. Showcase multiple assets including high resolution images, videos, short clips, 3D (Marmoset & Sketchfab) and 360 Panos. Personal 3D portfolio of Jan Jinda. London based VFX asset artist with more then 9 years of experience in the 3D industry.

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3d artist portfolio

No credit card required. Start Free Trial. Create a profile and build your 3d artist portfolio to share with CGSociety users. ArtStation is the newer version of CGSociety.

3d artist portfolio

About; Portfolio; Stream. About.
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Great artistic perception, technical knowledge and agility in execution of the projects are attributes that make a good 3D artist. I was very happy in meeting Eiti`s work and knowing that he has more than enought of these three qualities. Olavo Chagas (Coordinator),Vetor Zero. Good understanding of the The portfolio of Michel Kooper - 3D/Environment Artist. Crysis 3 I worked on Crysis 3 as part of the Frankfurt art team, responsible for the singleplayer part of the game.

Showreel. Animation Showreel (outdated) Funciona gracias a WordPress Artist Sengjoon Song's online portfolio. 2014-2020 Blizzard Entertainment: Senior Cinematics Artist Specialized in 3D hard surface asset creation that often represents largest-scale set in the show, which involves, craftsmanship, intricate details, and composed of complex mechanical moving parts, but not limited. 3D artist Portfolio Oliver Miles Character. Oliver Miles 3D Artist Portfolio. Work; About; Contact 2020-09-09 · Choose from 35 Premium artist portfolio Templates from the #1 source for artist portfolio Templates. Created by our Global Community of independent Web Developers.
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В этом посте я  13 фев 2020 Портфолио для 3D Artist Для многих портфолио — это загрузить 5-10 картинок и всё, ждем Портфолио Vehicle Artist Khyzyl Saleem. Whether a 3D Artist models from scratch, reference or a photo, he needs to possess the art of creating complex custom shapes and adding depth for the product to  R. Glyn Davidson's Freelance Portfolio. A Digital portfolio of 3D images, sketches, animations and miscellaneous art and design. Click here to view my  Hi, my name is Shaun wing and I am an aspiring 3d artist/environment artist I graduated from university two years ago and have been  Alexey Kuznetsov – CG Artist, Online Portfolio Most recent and my favourites 3d models (2006-2013):. sas zbrush, high resolution 3d model.

Not every portfolio is charming.
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Forum: Portfolio suggestions. DeviantArt

As a 3D artist, you must have strong networking and business skills. To best market yourself, your portfolio should showcase your artistic work. Being a team  View Alex Best's profile on The Dots. Alex is a Animator and Game Designer currently based in London.

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The Portfolio of David Bengtsson

Använder  Lena Trapp (Heypantarei) Artist, illustrator & 3D Animator Since 2007, specializing in making illustration and animation for use in Lena Trapp portfolio. 3D Surface Artist – Freelance in-house, with possibility to a permanent Have a proven ability in 3D modeling and texturing demonstrated in your portfolio. Chris' Portfolio FX's Archer Floyd County SIEGE Trick3D Went2Play Vizitech "NdotL" (Shaders for Artists) Audio Editing by Jeremiah Clark & Adam Greenlee. 3D Artist: +4915777341328

All - Emil Skriver - Portfolio

3D Artist portfolio #3DModeling #3DAnimationIn this video I will share some tips on how to improve your 3D portfolio to enhance your chances of getting hired as a 3D artist.Link KP3-D - 3d Artist Portfolio - Keith Peters. An early work in progress.. There's few things more theraputic than to open up ZBrush, start with nothing but a polysphere and just let my mind wander. 3D Art & Visualization. 3D Artist with more than 20 years experience providing solutions for film and real-time pipelines. Send me an e-mail or call me. Skills: Character, Environment & Props, Visual Effects, Generalist, Concept.

Online portfolio - I am a 3D Artist with a focus on Character art. BIO. I am a 3D Character Modeler with roughly four years of experience, I'm italian and I'm currently based in France.